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Services Offered

Ken has a broad background in corporate and personal taxes, though does not advise on VAT, and can provide detailed technical analysis and reports as required, but otherwise takes a pragmatic and practical approach, drawing on over 30 years’ experience of UK tax issues.  

Here are just some areas of expertise:
  • Employment-related shares, including enterprise management incentives and other share options/acquisitions for private company employees.
  • Successful handling or assisting with complex technical disputes with H M Revenue & Customs.
  • Capital gains tax advice, including entrepreneur’s relief, hold-over relief for gifts of business and other assets, losses on private company shares and loans, disposals of private residences, earn-outs on company sales.
  • Incorporation of sole-traders and professional practices; dis-incorporation including Extra Statutory Concession ESC C16.
  • Corporate transactions including company purchases of own shares, demergers, management buy-outs, reconstructions.
  • Enterprise investment scheme
  • Taxation of corporate debt (loan relationships rules), including connected party debt, directors’ loans etc.
  • Settlements legislation (including Garnett v Jones) and trusts
  • Sales/acquisitions including due diligence on tax warranties and indemnities etc in sale agreements.
  • Advice on tax residence, domicile and double taxation relief issues
  • Technical support for PAYE enquiries including employment status disputes, with on-site assistance depending upon distance.
  • Profit extraction and other tax mitigation strategies.

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